Zero Dark is a Visual Media Firm.


We believe in delivering compelling highly designed work geared to push your brand ahead of the competition.  We believe in the power of media and that our next project will take us and you to a whole new level.  We are always creating new content.


Adam Arnali

Adam began film directing in 1997 while still in high school. After gradating with a degree in psychology from the University of Central Florida, Adam moved to Los Angeles and absorbed every aspect of the film industry. Adam started Zero Dark in 2008 to focus all his energies on creating media for bands, brands, and films.

He who dares... Wins

Alan Kvares

In Alan’s 35 year career he has published entertainment magazines, consulted radio stations, produced music, and produced TV and motion pictures. Alan was a recipient and laureate of the Computerworld Smithsonian Awards in Washington, D.C. for the “Visionary Use of Information Technology.” Alan Joined Zero Dark in 2008 to take cutting edge techniques in media to the forefront.

Have fun. Make Money. If you can't have fun at least your making money. And if you're not making money at least your having fun.

Whitney Costner

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